• 2D Creative Developer
  • 2D/3D/Layout Creative Freelancer
  • 3D Creative Developer
  • Acrylic Logo & Products
  • Actor / Actress
  • Adventure Sports Activities
  • Aerial Rigging
  • Aerial, Trussing, SFX & Pyrotechnics
  • Air Conditioning
  • Air Cooler, Mist Fan, Gas Heater
  • App Developer
  • Artist
  • Artists & Entertainment
  • Audio Visual
  • Audio Visual Engineer
  • Backstage Management
  • Balloon Decor & Inflatable
  • Bands
  • Bar Management
  • Barricading & Masking
  • Brass Bands
  • BTL & Rural Activities
  • Business Development Freelancer
  • Business Speaker
  • Car, Bus & Luxurious Vehicle
  • Casino
  • Catering
  • CCTV & Security Surviliance
  • Celebrity Speaker
  • Charter Aircraft & Helicopter
  • Choreographer
  • Chroma Studio
  • Client Servicing Freelancer
  • Clubs
  • Communications
  • Conceptualiser
  • Copywriter
  • Corporate Gifting
  • Corporate, Brand Film, Award Shows AV’s, Aftermovie
  • Courier & Cargo
  • Covid Safety Services
  • Creative & Content
  • Dance Troupe
  • Decor
  • Decorator
  • Digital & Technology Provider
  • Digital Printers
  • Digital Singanges
  • DJ
  • Drone
  • Educational Institute
  • Emcee
  • Event Ground Crew
  • Event Infrastructure
  • Event Insurance
  • Event Permission & Licenses
  • Event Technical
  • Event Ticketing
  • Exhibition & Convention Center
  • Exhibition Carpet, Rugs, linoleum
  • Exhibition Stand – Design & Production
  • Fabric Printing
  • Film Studio
  • Fire Extinguisher & Fire Marshals
  • First AID Service & Ambulance
  • Flags & Cloth Branding
  • Florist / Floral Décor
  • Food & Beverages
  • Food Boxes
  • Food Trucks
  • Fountains & Landscape
  • Fringe Artists
  • Furniture
  • Games
  • Generator
  • Gift Box, Packaging
  • Gift Voucher
  • Gifts & Merchandise
  • Golf Cart
  • Graphic & Animation
  • Ground & Lawn
  • Hair & Makeup Artist
  • Hanger & Temporary Structure
  • Hospitality & Travel
  • Hospitality Agency
  • Hostess & Volunteers
  • Hotel & Resort
  • Housekeeping
  • Installations, Fibre Product, Thermocol
  • Integrated Marketing Communications Agency
  • Intellectual Property Specialist
  • Interpretation Equipment
  • Junior Artist
  • Knowledge
  • Labours
  • Lanyards, Badges, Wristbands, Cards, etc
  • Laptop / Printer / iPad / Tab
  • Laser & Router Cutting
  • Lease Line / Internet / IT Setup
  • Legal
  • Legal & Permissions
  • Light
  • Light Engineer
  • Logistics
  • Magicians
  • Mehndi Artist
  • MICE Specialist, DMC (Destination Management Company)
  • Mind Reader
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Multicamera Setup
  • Music Copyright Licenses
  • Octanorm & Maxima Structure
  • Offset Printers
  • Online Teambuilding Activities
  • Other
  • Photo & Videographer
  • Photocopier Machine / Coffee Machine
  • Photographer
  • Planters
  • Political Speaker
  • Portable & Container Toilet
  • Priest / Pandit
  • Printing and Signage
  • Production Freelancer
  • Professional / Freelancer
  • Projection Mapping
  • Props & Theme Décor
  • Registration
  • Rentals
  • Scaffolding & Lahyer
  • Scissor Lifts & Cherry Pickers
  • Security Consultant
  • Security Guard, Bouncer, Sniffer Dog
  • SFX & Pyrotechnics
  • Show Running
  • Silent Disco
  • Singer
  • Sound
  • Sound Engineer
  • Spa Services
  • Specialists
  • Sponsorship Professional
  • Sports Speaker
  • Stage Management
  • Staging & Fabrication
  • Stall Fabrication
  • Stand-up Comedian
  • Stationery Materials
  • Steam Iron
  • T-shirts & Apparels
  • Tarot Card Reader
  • Teambuilding Activities
  • Teamwork
  • Technology & Innovations
  • Teleprompter
  • Temporary power cablings and plug points
  • Ticketing, Hotel Booking, VISA
  • Translation / Translator
  • Transport Management
  • Transport Vehicles
  • Trophies & Souvenirs
  • Trussing
  • Turntables, Hydraulic Lifts, Crane, Split Mechanism, Mechanism
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • Valet Service
  • Vanity Van
  • Venue Construction
  • Venues
  • Video & Light Rental Equipment
  • Videographer
  • Virtual Event Service Provider
  • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Developer
  • Visual Jockey
  • Voting Pads & Buzzers
  • Walkies & Clearcom
  • Webinars
  • Website Design
  • Wedding Décor
  • Wedding Gifting
  • Wire Manager
  • X Ray Machine, DFMD & HHMD
  • Yacht, Cruise

Electrocraft – Roger Drego Award-winning Sound and Lighting Rental Company based in Mumbai, India. Electrocraft also provides Truss & Automation for Events & weddings for various stage setups.


Electrocraft has been around for over four decades, since the time when there were no line array systems or sophisticated sound re-enforcement systems present in the sound industry. However, Electrocraft thrived thanks to Roger Drego (managing director – Electrocraft) and his engineering intelligence. Roger Drego pioneered innovative audio solutions in the live sound industry, no wonder he is lovingly called – ‘The Sound Of India.’


As Electrocraft grew bigger; it created a deep impact in the events and entertainment industry and its reputation grew many folds. Roger Drego purchased an entire V-Dosc line array system in the early 90’s from L-Acoustics in France. This was a time and era in India when no one could ever dream of a line array system like the L-Acoustics V-Dosc. Electrocraft created a benchmark in the live sound industry and ever since then, there has been no looking back.


Electrocraft is best described as a professional live sound company that also specializes in lights, laser systems and trussing. The company has a long list of elite clientele and grand events that it has catered to over the last few decades.


International and local artists know that Electrocraft is the only rental company that can cater to all their event needs in a professional manner. In fact, it is the name that tops the list when technical production is being arranged for a large-scale international or local event.


From large-scale concert shows to religious and political rallies, Electrocraft has the equipment, the intelligence and the skill to provide technical services of international standard. All those who have worked with Electrocraft will testify that, when you work with us, you are working with the best in the industry.


Electrocraft – Sound Section

Electrocraft owns an extensive number of high-end Professional Audio products. From microphones and high-end CD players to state-of-the-art Line Array Elements, Electrocraft has them all.


Our sound rental catalogue consists of brands like AKG, Ampeg, Audio Technica, Beyerdynamic, BSS Audio, Crest Audio, dbx, Digidesign, Drawmer, Dynacord, Electro-Voice, Eventide, Fender, Hartke, Klark Teknik, Lab. Gruppen, L-Acoustics, Lake, Laney, Marshall, Midas, Neumann, Pioneer, QSC, Radial, Roland, Sennheiser, Shure, SWR, TC Electronic, Tascam, Technics, VOX, XTA Yamaha and many more.


With an exhaustive list of more than 30 world-class professional audio brands, you can rest assured that your event is being managed by a skilled and professional audio team who are backed by brilliant products and ground-breaking technology.


Electrocraft’s long list of elite clientele and International artists speaks for itself; our clients have never been disappointed with us. With decades of experience in the field of events and performing arts, you can rest assured your event is in safe hands.


Electrocraft – Lights Section

Electrocraft offers an unrivalled quality of service and brands in lighting. We have a large inventory of lighting gear and a skilled lighting team that can handle any event right from a small corporate conference to a large-scale concert.


Electrocraft’s dedicated lighting department comprises follow spots, halogen and flood lights, haze and smoke machines, lasers, lighting consoles, moving heads, par cans, power packs, strobes and a variety of lighting products.


Electrocraft – Automation


Variable Speed MoveCat Hoists – VMK S500

  • Variable speed safe and fully programmable hoist by Movecat GmbH (Germany)
  • Capacity: 500 Kgs
  • Self Weight: 120 Kgs
  • Speed : 0-24 meter/min
  • Chain length of 24 meters
  • Noiseless breaks and motor functioning
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments
  • Safety standards of SIL 3 (SIL is a safety standard norm)
  • Can be utilized in various scenic props, LED Screen and human automation choreography


Track Trolly – EZ AXIS Track EZ Trolly

  • Variable speed safe and fully programmable Track trolley by EZ Axis (Netherland)
  • Length of track: 30 meters (Can be divided into 3 meters smaller sections as well)
  • The capacity of each trolley: 1000 Kgs
  • Self Weight: Track + Accessories for 30m 1800 Kgs, Trolley – 100 kg Each
  • Speed : 0-1meter/ second
  • Noiseless breaks and motor functioning
  • Can be utilized in various scenic props and human automation choreography
  • Can be combined with Movecat Hoist or any winches to achieve Horizontal + vertical axis movement.


Push Chain Lift with Staircase

  • Platform size of 8m x 1.5m (26’ x 5’)
  • Height: 70cm (28 inches) at stage level & can
reach the maximum height of 3m (9’10”)
  • Capacity : 500 Kgs ; Self-weight: 4500 Kgs
  • movement speed: Fixed speed of 35 seconds per vertical lift
  • Step size : 90cm x 45cm (3’ x 1.5’ depth)
  • Limit switch to set a maximum height
  • Can be controlled by DMX Signal, which means it can be timecoded and programmed to run through any Media Server like Watchout, etc.


Push Chain Lift with Turntable

  • Lift size of 2m x 1.2 m (47 inches x 47 inches)
  • Height: 1.1m (43 inches) at stage level & can reach the maximum height of 3.1m (10’)
  • Turn table diameter: 1.1m (3.5’)
  • Capacity: 400 Kgs
  • Movement Speed: Fixed speed of 20 seconds per vertical lift
  • Rotation Speed: 20 seconds per rotation, can rotate in both directions
  • Castor wheels installed for easy movement
  • The Turn table can be removed and both the elements can be used separately
  • Limit switch to set a maximum height
  • Can be controlled by DMX Signal, which means it can be timecoded and programmed to run through any Media Server like Watchout, etc.


Push Chain Lifts

  • Lift size of 8m x 1.21 m (6’ x 4’)
  • Height: 1.2m (44 inches) at stage level & can reach the maximum height of 3.2m (10.5’)
  • Capacity: 200 Kgs
  • Movement Speed: Variable speed with the fastest speed of 18 seconds per vertical lift
  • Castor wheels installed for easy movement
  • Limit switch to set a maximum height
  • Can be controlled by DMX Signal, which means it can be timecoded and programmed to run through any Media Server like Watchout, etc.


Concentric Circle Turntable

  • Concentric circle of size 5m (Centre Circle), 7m (Middle Ring) and 9m (Outer ring) diameter each (16’4”, 22’9” and 29’6” respectively)
    • Height : 35cm (13.5 inches)
    • Capacity: Centre Turn Table – 2500 Kgs and 1000 Kgs for the second and third ring
    • Rotate Speed: 2 minutes per full rotation (variable speed)
    • Each Ring / Circle can rotate independently in each direction
    • Each ring can be Operated/programmed independently in terms of rotating directions and speed
    • Silent Motor brakes and Noise is less than 50db
    • The top cover can be modular and the flooring can be changed basis the specs of the stage
    • Can be used as a Single centre turn table unit or together as three or two concentric circle
    • Gap between each ring is less than 1.5 cm (Half an inch)
    • Modular design and can be completely dismantled and easy to transport and assemble
    • Variable speed control system available for all 3 circle/rings
    • Can be controlled by DMX Signal, which means it can be timecoded and programmed to run through any Media Server like Watchout, etc.



  • Low height turn table of 5m diameter
  • Height: 17 cm (Less than 7”)
  • Capacity: 2000 Kgs
  • Rotation Speed:  2 minutes per full rotation (Variable speed)
  • Ideal for Car launches in Small banquets and Exhibition stalls where the height of the stage are less than 1’
  • Can be controlled by DMX Signal, which means it can be timecoded and programmed to run through any Media Server like Watchout, etc.


TurnTable for Scenic Elements

  • Customized turn table for movement of various scenic props
  • The dimension can vary from 1.2 m – 5 m depending on type of props
  • Capacity: 200-500 Kgs
  • Rotation Speed: Variable speed
  • Ideal for scenic and props movement for various acts in awards shows
  • Can be controlled by DMX Signal, which means it can be timecoded and programmed to run through any Media Server like Watchout, etc.


Hydraulic Flaps

  • Customized Hydraulic flaps can open from an angle of 0 degrees (Flushed into the stage) to 45 degrees
  • Size : 1.2m x 1.2m (4’ x 4’)
  • Capacity: 200 Kgs
  • Speed: 45-60 seconds per reveal sequence (Variable speed)
  • Can be controlled by DMX Signal, which means it can be timecoded and programmed to run through any Media Server like Watchout, etc.

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