• 2D Creative Developer
  • 2D/3D/Layout Creative Freelancer
  • 3D Creative Developer
  • Acrylic Logo & Products
  • Actor / Actress
  • Adventure Sports Activities
  • Aerial Rigging
  • Aerial, Trussing, SFX & Pyrotechnics
  • Air Conditioning
  • Air Cooler, Mist Fan, Gas Heater
  • App Developer
  • Artist
  • Artists & Entertainment
  • Audio Visual
  • Audio Visual Engineer
  • Backstage Management
  • Balloon Decor & Inflatable
  • Bands
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  • Barricading & Masking
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  • Business Development Freelancer
  • Business Speaker
  • Car, Bus & Luxurious Vehicle
  • Casino
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  • Celebrity Speaker
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  • Chroma Studio
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  • Event Infrastructure
  • Event Insurance
  • Event Permission & Licenses
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  • Event Ticketing
  • Exhibition & Convention Center
  • Exhibition Carpet, Rugs, linoleum
  • Exhibition Stand – Design & Production
  • Fabric Printing
  • Film Studio
  • Fire Extinguisher & Fire Marshals
  • First AID Service & Ambulance
  • Flags & Cloth Branding
  • Florist / Floral Décor
  • Food & Beverages
  • Food Boxes
  • Food Trucks
  • Fountains & Landscape
  • Fringe Artists
  • Furniture
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  • Gift Box, Packaging
  • Gift Voucher
  • Gifts & Merchandise
  • Golf Cart
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  • Hanger & Temporary Structure
  • Hospitality & Travel
  • Hospitality Agency
  • Hostess & Volunteers
  • Hotel & Resort
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  • Installations, Fibre Product, Thermocol
  • Integrated Marketing Communications Agency
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Event Souk Rentals: Elevate Your Occasions with Dubai’s Premier Event Equipment Rental Destination. Since 2014, we’ve been the go-to choice for exceptional event rentals, offering a wide range of in-house crafted items. Discover unmatched quality and professionalism for your event needs. From stylish furniture to efficient cooling solutions, we provide top-notch selections to elevate weddings, corporate events, and parties. Experience exceptional service, competitive pricing, and our unwavering commitment to creating memorable events. Your perfect occasion starts here. Plan it with us today!

Event Souk Rentals dates back to the year 2014 and is the brainchild of an immensely hard-working couple. It was envisioned as a solution for all those who do not want to purchase things unnecessarily just for one event.

What began as a simple affair with only a few air coolers and misting fans swiftly took the shape of a business.

Today we have items being rented out not only in Dubai but across the United Arab Emirates as well. The best part about Event Souk Rentals is that more than half of the items rented out are a piece of our home production.

There is a team of various experts who take the job very seriously. 

Why has Event Souk Rentals garnered so much popularity?

The major credit for Event Souk Rentals is that we do not like to compromise with the quality. Hence after every rental session, we ensure that once the product comes back to us, it is thoroughly cleaned.

This ensures that the one who is renting next feels that the product is being used for the first time. One of the primary reasons why we are such a trusted name is due to such professionalism.

Event Souk Rentals has slowly emerged to be one of the most trustworthy names in this industry. The quality that we have been providing is unmatched and so is the popularity

Will Event Souk Rentals cater to all my event needs?

Yes, Event Souk Rentals is your one-stop destination for all the requirements when it comes to renting items for an event. It most often does not make sense to buy the things that we would hardly use.

Hence all you need to do is head over to our website and browse through your favorite categories. After choosing and confirming the product, our professionals will reach your location in the expected time.


Air Conditioner Rentals: Event Souk Rentals maintains a vast inventory of the most efficient AC rental units in the market. From 1-ton portable AC to 5-ton stand AC and to 10-ton AC package units. Hence, whether you require emergency cooling for your office, data centre, tent or even a factory, our AC units are to be delivered and installed on short notice. As all the HVAC equipment goes through periodic check-ups, we promise premium air conditioning rental services in the UAE

  • 1 Ton Portable AC Rentals
  • 2.5 Ton Portable AC Rentals
  • 3-Ton Portable AC
  • 3.5 Ton Floor Standing AC…
  • 5 Ton Floor Standing AC Rentals
  • 10-Ton AC Package Unit

Air Cooler Rentals: The Outdoor Air cooler is the best machine to cool down your outdoor party, event and majlis, you can simply place the outdoor air cooler next to the tables of the guests. Hire outdoor Air Cooler Rental in Dubai And Abu Dhabi Once the temperature stats rise, your workers start suffering and that is obvious as no one likes to work in a warehouse where is the temperature more than 40 C, so as a warehouse manager or a businessman you can not afford to loss business so what you can simply do is to rent our industrial air cooler and let your worker enjoy the cold air while they are working.

During summer in UAE, you might need some time to host a party or an event in your villa garden or even in an outdoor area but with such a hot summer you will face problems with keeping your guests comfortable with cold air out there.

In such a situation, we are recommending you to RENT one of our Air coolers. we will take care of the delivery, installation, and pickups So you don’t even have to think about this problem. We are the leading providers of Outdoor Air coolers on Rent. If you are looking for the best Outdoor AC Rental in Dubai give us a chance and make your event very comfortable.

Our services are just a step away from you. give us a call or drop an email and let us take this mission.

  • Industrial Outdoor Portable
  • Industrial Portable Mist Fan
  • Industrial Stand Fan Rentals
  • Portable Misting Fan
  • Portable Air Cooler MAX9
  • Air Cooler BM10 Premium
  • Air Cooler MC13

Chair Rentals: 

  • Adonis Acrylic Chair Rentals
  • Catalonia Bar Stool Gold Rentals
  • Catalonia Bar Stool White
  • Dior Acrylic Chair Rentals
  • Easton Black Exhibition Chair
  • Elon Wooden Bar Stool
  • Isadora Black Bar Stool Rentals
  • Linea Stool Bar Gold
  • Black Dior Wooden Dining Chair
  • Gold Dior Wooden Dining Chair
  • Vintage Dior Wooden Dining
  • White Dior Dining Chair Rentals
  • Black Chivari Chair Rentals
  • Chameleon Chair Gold Rentals
  • Gold Chivari Chair Rentals
  • Silver Chivari Chair Rentals
  • Venus Gold Dining Chair Rentals
  • White Chivari Chair Rentals
  • Dior Acrylic Arm Chair Rentals
  • Cross Back Chair Rentals
  • Elone Arm Chair Rentals
  • Elone Chair Rentals
  • Valeria White Armless Chair
  • Banquet Chair with Black Cover
  • Chair with White Cover Rentals
  • Armando Bar Stool Chair Brown
  • Armando Bar Stool Chair White
  • Valeria White Leather Bar

Sofa Rentals:

  • Alyazia Bride White Velvet
  • Lorenza White Velvet 3 Seater
  • Valeria 2 Seater White Armless
  • Valeria Black Cube Ottoman
  • Valeria Rectangular White
  • Sofia Armless 3-Seater Sofa
  • Lorenza Green 3 Seater Sofa
  • Valeria 2 Seater Sofa Rentals
  • Valeria 3 Seater Sofa Rentals
  • Valeria 3 Seater White Armless
  • Valeria White Armless Chair
  • Valeria White Majlis Sofa
  • Marioni Wooden Sofa Rentals
  • Marioni Arabic Sofa Rentals
  • Sahara Wooden Sofa Set Rental
  • Alyazia Bride Beige Sofa Rentals
  • Lucia Bride White Sofa Rentals
  • Valeria Circle White Ottoman
  • Valeria Half Circle White
  • Valeria Square White Sofa
  • Valeria Cube White Ottoman
  • Valeria Orange Cube Ottoman
  • Valeria Accent White Leather
  • Valeria Arm Chair Rentals

Table Rentals:

  • Armando High Table Rentals
  • Azzurra Rectangular Glass
  • Azzurra Rectangular Glass
  • Azzurra Rectangular Glass
  • Drum Cocktail Table Rentals
  • Isadora Rectangle Black High
  • Isadora Rectangle Black Table
  • Isadora Rectangle Dining Black
  • Isadora Rectangle Rustic Table
  • Isadora Rectangle Rustic Table
  • Isadora Rectangle White Dining
  • Isadora Rectangle White Table
  • Isadora Rustic Square Cocktail
  • Isadora Square Rustic Cocktail
  • Isadora Square Rustic Dining
  • LED Cocktail Table Rentals
  • Linea Picnic Table and Benches
  • Linea Round Cocktail Table
  • Linea Round Cocktail Table
  • Linea Square Cocktail Table
  • Linea Square Cocktail Table
  • Low Arabic Majlis Table Rentals
  • Lozoya Round Wooden Dining
  • Mallorca Coffee Table Gold
  • Mallorca Side Table Gold
  • Marioni Wooden Square Coffee
  • Melanie Wooden High Square
  • Melanie Wooden Square White
  • Melanie Wooden Square White
  • Stevelia Round Glass Top Coffee
  • Stevelia Square Glass Top
  • Stevelia Square Glass Top
  • Valeria Round Side Table
  • Valeria White Round Coffee
  • Zelda Gold Dining Table Rentals
  • Zelda White Dining Table
  • Lozoya Rectangle Wooden Dining
  • Sahara Low Wooden Rectangle
  • Azzurra Round Glass Dining
  • Azzurra Rectangle Glass Dining
  • Carla Rectangular Dining Table
  • Carla Round Dining Table Rentals
  • Buffet Table With Black Skirt
  • Buffet Table With White Skirt
  • Stevelia Square Glass Top
  • Carla Cocktail Table Black
  • Carla Cocktail Table White
  • Avalon Dining Table with Golden
  • Avalon Dining Table with White
  • Melanie Gold Rectangular Dining
  • Melanie High Pedestal Rentals
  • Melanie Rectangular Cocktail
  • Melanie White Rectangular
  • Melanie Square Coffee Table
  • Sofia Glass Side Table Rentals
  • Buffet Table With Black Stretch
  • Buffet Table With White Stretch
  • Lozoya Light Stand
  • Casablanca White Rectangular
  • Casablanca White Square Side
Q What makes Event Souk Rentals a popular choice for event equipment rentals?

Event Souk Rentals has gained popularity due to its unwavering commitment to quality. After each rental session, they meticulously clean and maintain their products to ensure that every customer feels like they're using a brand-new item. This dedication to professionalism and product quality has made Event Souk Rentals a trusted name in the industry.

Q Does Event Souk Rentals offer a wide range of event rental products to cater to all my event needs?

Yes, Event Souk Rentals is your one-stop destination for all your event rental requirements. They understand that it often doesn't make sense to buy items for a single event. You can browse through their website, choose the products you need, and their professionals will deliver and set up the items at your location. They offer a variety of products, from air conditioners to air coolers, to help elevate your event experience.

Q What types of air conditioning and cooling solutions are available for rent from Event Souk Rentals?

Event Souk Rentals offers a range of air conditioning and cooling solutions to ensure your event is comfortable. They provide a variety of air conditioner rentals, including 1-ton portable AC, 2.5-ton portable AC, floor-standing AC units, and 10-ton package units. Additionally, they offer outdoor air cooler rentals, industrial air cooler options, portable mist fans, and more. These cooling solutions are suitable for various event settings, from outdoor parties to warehouses, and can be delivered and installed on short notice.

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