• image2D Creative Developer
  • image2D/3D/Layout Creative Freelancer
  • image3D Creative Developer
  • imageAcrylic Logo & Products
  • imageActor / Actress
  • imageAdventure Sports Activities
  • imageAerial Rigging
  • imageAerial, SFX & Pyrotechnics
  • imageAir Conditioning
  • imageAir Cooler, Mist Fan, Gas Heater
  • imageApp Developer
  • imageArtist
  • imageArtists & Entertainment
  • imageAudio Visual
  • imageAudio Visual Engineer
  • imageBackstage Management
  • imageBalloon Decor & Inflatable
  • imageBands
  • imageBar Management
  • imageBarricading & Masking
  • imageBrass Bands
  • imageBTL & Rural Activities
  • imageBusiness Development Freelancer
  • imageBusiness Speaker
  • imageCar, Bus & Luxurious Vehicle
  • imageCasino
  • imageCatering
  • imageCCTV & Security Surviliance
  • imageCelebrity Speaker
  • imageCharter Aircraft & Helicopter
  • imageChoreographer
  • imageChroma Studio
  • imageClient Servicing Freelancer
  • imageClubs
  • imageCommunications
  • imageConceptualiser
  • imageCopywriter
  • imageCorporate Gifting
  • imageCorporate, Brand Film, Award Shows AV’s, Aftermovie
  • imageCourier & Cargo
  • imageCovid Safety Services
  • imageCreative & Content
  • imageDance Troupe
  • imageDecor
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  • imageDigital & Technology Provider
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  • imageEvent Permission & Licenses
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  • imageEvent Technical
  • imageEvent Ticketing
  • imageExhibition & Convention Center
  • imageExhibition Carpet, Rugs, linoleum
  • imageExhibition Stand – Design & Production
  • imageFabric Printing
  • imageFilm Studio
  • imageFire Extinguisher & Fire Marshals
  • imageFirst AID Service & Ambulance
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  • imageWebsite Design
  • imageWedding Décor
  • imageWedding Gifting
  • imageWire Manager
  • imageX Ray Machine, DFMD & HHMD
  • imageYacht, Cruise

Mandar Bhide is the only multi-lingual comedian in India who performs in 4 languages – English, Hindi, Marathi & Gujarati. He has performed in more than 800 shows all over India & abroad. He has also acted in a lot of web series & in TV commercials. Corporate shows are his forte & he instantly clicks with audiences across all age groups. Mandar made his TV debut recently on Sony SAB TV’s show – Good Night India.

Mandar Bhide’s name is synonymous with Marathi Stand Up Comedy. He has ruled the comedy charts ever since Marathi Stand Up started in 2017 & has created a name for himself across the globe. He is the only Marathi comedian to have toured internationally with his solo shows. 3 continents done, he is hungry for more!

Corporate Shows: Mandar is a veteran of corporate shows having done over 200 corporate shows for more than 75 clients with the most notable ones being Google, Glenmark, Tata, Volkswagen, ITC & HDFC

Marathi Stand Up: Mandar is the top rated comedian in the Marathi stand up industry & is the only comedian to have done multiple international stand up tours.

Welcome to the world of laughter, where Mandar Bhide reigns supreme as the epitome of Marathi Stand Up Comedy. Since the inception of Marathi Stand Up in 2017, Mandar has been a trailblazer, establishing himself as a global sensation in the comedy realm. With an illustrious career spanning three continents, he is a relentless performer always hungry for more!

International Sensation:
Mandar Bhide stands as the lone Marathi comedian to have embarked on international solo tours, making his mark across the globe. His comedic prowess knows no bounds, and he continues to captivate audiences with his unique style and infectious humor.

Multi-Lingual Maestro:
Setting himself apart, Mandar is India’s only multi-lingual comedian, effortlessly performing in four languages – English, Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati. His versatility extends beyond language, resonating with audiences from diverse backgrounds. With over 800 shows under his belt, Mandar has become a household name in India and beyond.

Beyond Stand-Up:
While Mandar’s roots lie in stand-up comedy, his talents extend to the screen. He has graced web series and TV commercials, showcasing his acting prowess alongside his comedic brilliance. His recent TV debut on Sony SAB TV’s “Good Night India” further solidifies his presence in the entertainment industry.

Corporate Comedy Expert:
Corporate shows are Mandar’s forte, where he has performed in over 200 shows for more than 75 clients. His impressive corporate clientele includes giants like Google, Glenmark, Tata, Volkswagen, ITC, and HDFC. Mandar effortlessly connects with audiences of all age groups, making him the go-to choice for corporate entertainment.

Marathi Stand Up Royalty:
In the realm of Marathi Stand Up, Mandar Bhide stands tall as the top-rated comedian. His contributions to the industry are unmatched, and he holds the distinction of being the only comedian to embark on multiple international stand-up tours, bringing Marathi humor to audiences worldwide.

Mandar Bhide’s journey in the world of comedy is a testament to his unwavering passion and dedication to spreading joy through laughter. Join him on this laughter-filled adventure as he continues to break barriers and redefine the landscape of comedy, one show at a time.


Q How many languages does Mandar Bhide perform in?

Mandar Bhide is a multi-lingual comedian, showcasing his comedic talents in four languages - English, Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati. His versatility extends across diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Q How many corporate shows has Mandar Bhide performed, and for which notable clients?

Mandar Bhide is a veteran of corporate shows, having entertained audiences in over 200 corporate events. His impressive clientele includes renowned names such as Google, Glenmark, Tata, Volkswagen, ITC, and HDFC, showcasing his expertise in corporate comedy.

Q What makes Mandar Bhide a unique figure in Marathi Stand Up Comedy?

Mandar Bhide is synonymous with Marathi Stand Up Comedy, ruling the charts since its inception in 2017. He stands as the only Marathi comedian to have toured internationally with solo shows across three continents, making him a global sensation. His top-rated status in the Marathi stand-up industry and multiple international stand-up tours set him apart as a trailblazer in the world of comedy.