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Ranjan Kumar Ganguly is a sand sculptor of international repute from Puri, Jagannath Dham, Odisha. He performs in sand sculpture events both in India & abroad having over 15 years of expertise and experience in fine art and sand sculpture. To create a sand sculpture, sand and water and coarse sand must be blended.  Sand sculptures may be carved with the help of an artist like Ranjan Kumar Ganguly and by the blessings of God.


Students today are familiar with stone sculpture that is carved out of stone. Sand sculpture is thus considered to have begun with stone sculpture. Sand makes sculpturing simpler and faster than solid stone. So, learning the art of sculpting in the sand is simple.

So, an artist develops a distinct notion about sculpting in the sand, according to artist Ranjan Ganguly. Sand sculptures are not portable and immediately noticeable. It is destroyed later on.

This is the reason why artists don’t produce this kind of work for a long length of time. The sculpture could only be preserved for a long time as a photo if it were captured with a camera.

There aren’t many people who leave footprints in the sand. Artist and photographer Shri Ranjan Kumar Ganguly is one of them. He is skilled both in photography and sand sculpture, which distinguishes him from the crowd. He is endowed by God with the power of intellect and the ability to create new things out of nothing on the sand. He also possesses magic fingers. He has always wished to display both his paintings and sand art in various Indian cities.

To exhibit his sand sculpture, he travels far and wide. When a person invites him from another location, he accepts the request with love and respect.  At the Lalit Kala Academy Sand Art Exhibition in Puri, the National Kharval Festival in Bhubaneswar, National Indian Road Congress Conference, etc. he has shown his sand sculpture with much applause and appreciation.

During Durga Pooja, Ranjan Kumar Ganguly exhibited sand sculpture at Jaisalmer and in Deepawali in  Pokhran (Rajasthan), during the Shree Khetra Utsav Puri,  Shree Khetra Book Fair at Puri Zila School, Puri, Book Fair at Talcher, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Itanagar, and Goa, Haryana, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Gujarat. He has also exhibited in the desert festival at Sam (Jaisalmer),  Barmer district, Bundi district, and many other places.

His beautiful sand sculptures and colored sand sculptures are regarded by many people as classics. He gained national sand artist status in early phase of the career. He now needs government funding for his studies, as well as help from business people and the public to promote sand art and to travel abroad to exhibit his ability there to get respect & reputation for his state and his nation. People ought to support him in his endeavors & provide him with opportunities, to prove his skills in sand sculpture in various settings.

Ranjan Kumar Ganguly was born in the beachside Odisha town of Jagannath Puri. As a result of his father’s influence, Sri Sukumar Ganguly, a well-known producer, director and camera man of Odia films, his talents blossomed. During his younger days he used to spend every day with friends by the seaside in Puri tuning into the voice of his soul. He started creating many faces of different Gods & Goddesses in the sand, utilizing his creativity and artistry. He lacked a Master’s degree since sand art was not yet recognized. As a genuine form of art in India, the shapes were juvenile. He persevered despite these limitations. Because he thought that God had endowed him with creativity and purpose.

He began exhibiting sand at several locations in India after deciding to take up the challenge of making sand art, more known as a legitimate art form. His ultimate goal is to spread knowledge & passion among the populace and turn it into a well-liked professional art form. This is why he travels all over the nation demonstrating his sand sculpture.

His mission and vision

  1. To build a free sand sculpting education centre for street beggars, underprivileged slum children in various locations, to improve their life & livelihood.
  1. To spread the artistic medium among the populace.
  1. Teach sand carving to art enthusiasts.
  1. To promote sand art as a career with the help of its fine art section.