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An Emcee: Do you really need one? If Yes which one?

An Emcee: Do you really need one? If Yes which one?

There is quite a lot of thought that goes into making this decision especially now during the phase of this Pandemic.

– “So let someone in the family do it” if it’s a personal function
– “We certainly can zero down on someone from the office”, if it’s a corporate affair
– “Let’s see if we can find someone reasonable or it’s okay”
– “We don’t have a budget for an Emcee at all.”
– “Small gathering we will manage somehow “
– “It’s just the small introduction at the beginning of the event and maybe a goodbye in the end why spend extra on that”
– “It’s just a waste not really needed”
– “It’s just online how does it matter if there is no Emcee”
So thoughts like these regarding an Emcee would certainly come up while planning an event, and here is something to add to these thoughts.

Managing the flow as per the Time

Every event has a flow and planning it is an effort. One certainly wants to make the best of it. An Emcee will make sure that everything gets executed as per the plan. In case of any issue, technical glitch or delay the Emcee makes the whole scene a seamless affair. So even if it’s Virtual the involvement of an Emcee is indeed beneficial.

Channelize the Energy

Here is always some level of energy in the audience which is seen in the form of excitement. One needs more of it at times and sometimes needs to calm it a bit in short “control”. The Emcee is the one professionally, equipped with the skill to channelize the energy of the audience at any given event. Enjoy the noise when you want it and demand silence when you need it.

A Support to the Organizer

The backbone of an Event is the Organizing team. The proportionate time spent in planning and organizing is much more than the execution. During the event, the team gets backstage and makes sure to have an Emcee. Who works as a support and manages the smooth execution. Though there is no room for mistakes there is always a possibility of something going wrong. Accidentally that’s when the Emcee takes over, so that in the end they have all smiles.

Professional Approach

When feeling a bit sick one could opt for a home remedy and find a cure but just in case it gets serious you look for a doctor immediately. In the same way, the Emcee understands how to go about with the perfect execution of an event. This Professional Approach is like making sure you have not left a single stone unturned.

Okay, finally You decide to have an Emcee … Now the Question is which one?

Well, there is so much available and you are finding it difficult to make a choice…
A little thought process gets the job done.

– A Natural Speaker with a good sense of humour is one aspect to think about.

– You know best if you need someone very attractive or just modest and decent is fine.

– Depends on the scale of the event to understand if you need someone very experienced.

– A conversation always helps to get answers to most questions you would have.

– Professionals are mostly freelancers and charges differ from person to person. You have to look out for the one who will suit your budget.

– Finally, just look out for that confident individual who smiles at you, makes you receive positive vibes and gains your trust.

Blogger: Lavinia Pinto

Posted by Eventspedia © EMRG Solutions 2021